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Courtney Miller Bio

Courtney Miller’s full name is Courtney Ruth Miller, born on 19th June 1995 in California. She lived a very sheltered life with her mom and six siblings. As her mother divorced her father, she and her siblings were brought up by her mom, a bit overprotective of her kids. At present, she enjoys her life as a YouTuber and an active member of the Smosh cast. In ‘The Mothers Days Rule,’ she made her first television experience and appeared as Ian’s sister. For the first time, she was introduced to the ‘Smosh Family’ in the ‘Hand Bomb’ video. She became part of the Smosh family in mid-2015.

Courtney appeared as the amazing host of Smosh’s Seriously Stupid Sleepover, along with Olivia Sui. Her show Smosh’s second channel replaced Maris’s former show called Smosh Pit Weekly from September 2015 to May 2017. She started getting recognized when she used a vine to post her activities. Through Vine, she met Olivia Sui, who made every effort to convince her for the audition for Smosh. According to some resources, the young actress is the host and creative director of the Smosh Pit mini-series.

Physical Features of Courtney Miller

Courtney Miller is an American actress and host who weighs 54 kg and is 5.6”. She is an attractive lady who knows to keep people captivated for a long. Her beauty and self-confidence was the best thing that took her to a successful career she is enjoying. Her hair is blond in color. The color of Courtney’s eyes is green.

Her Creative Journey

Courtney started her creative journey from the young age of 10. She used to write edit and shoot her own movies.


After leaving college, she took a job at a pharmacy, which she left after a short period to do an internship in cinematography. Her Youtube channel has become a big success, and she has more than 330,000 followers.

About Courtney Millers Personality

Courtney has a pleasant personality. She likes to use soya sauce with her meals. Millers seems to be a big fan of Wonder Woman, and a wonder woman’s poster can be easily found in her bedroom. Unlike many of her friends, she does not want to watch horror movies. She does have some hobbies that she spares time for. These hobbies include traveling, book reading, surfing the internet, and Photography. According to her friends, she is a very romantic and caring young lady. She had a pet dog name Jango which she had to give away to her mother as she felt she was not caring for it as it should be. This act of kindness tells us about the heart she has.


Till April 2018, she had a relationship with Mohammad Walid, but it seems that they broke up by May 2018. To date, she does have a boyfriend, but her marital status is single.

Courtney Miller Nude Photos

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